Keto Crack Coffee – Drinking coffee and losing weight how awesome is this!

Yeah! Drinking coffee and losing weight is possible thanks to the magic of the Keto Crack Coffee. When I first researched for Keto Diet on google, the very first thing I noticed was “Keto Coffee.” I had to see if my coffee routine would benefit from this ketogenic diet.

My only indulgence is coffee. I really like it, and I’m sure I am addicted to it. So I’m cool with that, it inspires me to get out of bed in the morning, realizing that a hot coffee cup is waiting for me to pour some milk and coffee creamer.

Back in the 2017 year, the Keto Crack Coffee is part of the coffee diet for the year, that some people stumbled across. The coffee itself is great, so it’s going to give you a lot of energy and motivation to get to the remainder of the day.

Keto Coffee

Like other keto diets, keto coffee has a lot of “healthy fats” and no (or small) carbs. Such good fats can come from heavy whipping cream (yum!), butter, coconut oil, and more.

A lot of people would advise you to “start or begin the day, the correct way.” When you wake up in the morning, your body is still in a condition of fat burning. So, to make the most of this and keep the fat burning going, we don’t want to start with empty carbs (like my old sugar – but – glorious – coffee), but rather take good fats to keep it going.

This tastes great, but it needs more ingredients. And the recipe also says to serve it cold, but I need my coffee hot most of the year, but luckily you can also warm it up!


  • 2 tbsp of Whipping Cream
  • 1 cup of Vanilla Almond Milk, preferably unsweetened
  • 2-3 tbsp of  MTC Oil
  • 4-6 oz of your favorite coffee
  • 1 tbsp of Organic Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 10-15 drops of BetterStevia Liquid Sweetener


Brew and cool the coffee. Gather all the ingredients and add to a glass or a cup of coffee. Mix everything together, make sure it’s well blended.

Floating to the top is common for the MTC oil You can use whipped cream to cover it (you can use canned whipped cream or make your own).

This coffee, as it is super caffeinated, should give you the energy you need. It still has a nice flavor of vanilla, it’s not so heavy. It’s full of healthy fats, holding you packed. The best version is the almond milk-whipping cream mix. Making it is more than simple.


Although I enjoy my flavored coffee creamer, if I’m out and about, I’ll always take my coffee with cream and sugar. BUT, all sugar substitutes are NOT the same and some have carbs. Okay, I know this one’s kind of a no-brainer, but if you’re curious what the Keto diet is like and you can’t do it, it’s here!

Just make sure it is sugar-free for your heavy cream. Many heavy cream whipping brands include a carb, and they just don’t need it!

What’s best: try to replace your regular sugar. To me, I like Swerve. Getting coffee with full cream and a little of that doesn’t seem like a loss at all.


  • Sugar Substitute (like Swerve)
  • Heavy Cream
  • Coffee


At the bottom of the coffee cup put cream and sugar substitute. Add a little coffee. That’s it, it’s that easy!

By reducing the appetite due to the ingredients it can encourage weight loss. Because Keto coffee is rich in healthy fats, for longer periods of time it tends to make you feel fuller. Keto coffee helps to bring the body to a ketosis state that separates the fatty acids into ketone bodies.

These are the most energy-efficient molecules in heating the body than glucose. Alternatively, the body will burn the fats contained in your body without glucose. It will suppress all cravings and provide instant satiation.


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